Reserve your .DZ domain name!

The Algerian national extension is available for all entities established in Algeria or having a document justifying the property rights of the name in Algeria.


What are the advantages of a .DZ domain name?

The .DZ extension is essential for companies targeting an Algerian audience. Registering a .DZ domain name will allow you to promote your business in Algeria

Your domain name represents the brand of your company, it will be visible on all your communications: brochures, social networks, advertisements, etc. it is therefore important not to reserve a domain name at random. Your .DZ internet address will allow your Internet users to immediately identify the sector of your company and its country.

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SEO optimized in Algeria

Choosing a .DZ extension is a simple and effective way to improve the referencing of your site with search engines. Indeed, in Algeria, search engines give priority to .DZ sites.

How to register a domain name under .DZ?

1 - Check and upload the registration request and signed
2 - A document justifying the choice of the domain name, namely:
  • A copy of the commercial register (commercial entity).
  • A copy of the trademark registration at INAPI (for national name registrations) or WIPO (for international name registrations).
  • A copy of the official creation decree (association, organization, state body, etc.)